In a market where consumers are consuming less, but better, Craft Spirits Company feels the responsibility to import distilled spirits that have an honest origin and are made with passion, craft and skill. In short, Craft Spirits Company believes in spirits with a soul.

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In addition to supplying a high-quality range of spirits, what can we do for you?

At Craft Spirits Company we believe in tailor-made service, which is why we like to look at the possibilities together with liquor stores and catering establishments. Think about:

In-store tasting

If you want to immediately make your customers or guests enthusiastic about the craft spirits of Craft Spirits Company, let's look together at an in-store tasting where we spend an entire day focusing on our products.

Tasting nights

Organizing a unique evening where the brand ambassador of a brand tells all the ins and outs about what people have in the glass, that is certainly possible. Make an appointment and together we will look at how we can pamper your customers or guests for an evening with rum, whisk(e)y, gin or cognac.


If you want your team to be able to tell you more about spirits, cocktails and everything about the spirits industry, sign up for the monthly masterclasses and tastings. We will send these invitations by e-mail. Sign up here to receive these e-mails.

Access to marketing team and tools

For example a poster with a special (win) promotion or a whisk(e)y barrel on which the products can be stored. Discuss with us how we can get your customers or guests excited about our Craft Spirits.


Do you absolutely love one of our brands and do you want to be one of the 10 ambassadors in the Netherlands with first access to limited editions, promotions and special visits, let us tell you what is possible.

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