Gastro Gin

Gastro Gin

As long as we can remember the drink of choice in many restaurants has been wine and champagne. With the introduction of Gastro Gin in 2017 a new aperitif and food ingredient was born. The combination of fresh botanicals, a bitter-sweet tonic and the right garnish has sparked the creativity in culminating the perfect Aperitif before any culinary experience. In search of the perfect G&T, Onder de Boompjes Distillery and a number of Michelin stars joint forces to share their knowledge on drinks and gastronomy.

Together we ventured out in pursuit of a gin that would captivate our favorite flavors, ones that are fresh, real and genuine. By combining an exquisite and daring mix of botanicals the unique Gastro Gin was born.

This gin will challenge your palate.

Gastro Gin
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Tasting notes

Citrus: Grapefruit, Amalfi lemon, verbena and oranges.
Venkel: Fennel flower, fennel seeds
Pepers: 5 exotische peper soorten die uit de hele wereld worden gehaald: Jamiaca pepper, Szechuan pepper, Voatsiperifery pepper, Long pepper, Sarwak pepper

At first you find delicate aroma’s of citrus, this is then followed by strong hints of pepper and finally you will find the exciting notes of fennel.

Background information

Gastro Gin was developed in collaboration with Michelin chefs and master distiller John de Lange of Distillery Onder de Boompjes. Together they searched for the best ingredients for an authentic, gastronomical gin. Gastro Gin is the result of testing, tasting and searching for the perfect ingredients that match the kitchen of John de Lange with the distilling skills of Onder de Boompjes. The creators where destined to create a gin with a taste that excites, with that in mind they created Gastro Gin.

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Producten from Gastro Gin

Gastro Gin 175cl
Gastro Gin Mini 5cl
Gastro Gin

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