El Tequileño

El Tequileño

El Tequileño was founded in 1959 by legendary tequila industry

pioneer Don Jorge Salles Cuervo. He had been producing tequila for

the Cuervo distillery since 1941. On New Years Day 1959 he launched

his own brand of tequila and eloquently named it El Tequileño to pay

homage to the town and its spirited culture.

Jorge Salles Cuervo

62 years ago, Don Jorge Salles Cuervo began

producing tequila from field to bottle in the

picturesque La Guarreña distillery in the town of

Tequila, Jalisco. El Tequileño quickly gained brand

prominence in the state of Jalisco, dedicated to

delivering quality and prestigious Tequila to even

the most demanding of palates.

El Tequileño pursues craft and quality by starting with carefully selecting the best Blue Agave in the Los Altos region. Then they get the water from a nearby natural volcanic spring called Volcán de Tequila. They also use an open fermentation where it is stimulated to use yeast that comes from the local Mango trees. Finally, they carefully distill in copper pot stills to make the beautifull El Tequileño tequila.

Producten from El Tequileño

EL TEQUILEÑO TEQUILA - 1959 Reposado Rare
El Tequileño Cristalino
El Tequileño 1959 Reposado 70cl
El Tequileño 1959 Platinum 70cl
El Tequileño Reposado 50cl / 100cl
El Tequileño Blanco 50cl / 100cl

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