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Turntable Spirits

.Brothers Alasdair and Gordon Stevenson have both been working in the whiskey industry for over a decade. Separately they have worked for distilleries such as Benriach, Glendronach, Glenallachie, BalBlair and Old Pulteney. The brothers have held various positions at these distilleries, ranging from team member in production to Export Sales Manager. Particularly in export sales, both brothers noticed that Blended Whiskey was always seen as quantity while Single Malt was seen as quality and this caused frustration among the brothers. This frustration led to the creation of Turntable Blending House.

Three concepts are central to Turntable's process: quality, creativity and transparency.

The quality is reflected in every whiskey and they live by the slot "No Shortcuts". In practice, this means, among other things, that every whiskey is tasted extensively before it is purchased, but also that all barrels are inspected upon arrival and in almost all cases re-racked. The latter means that the whiskey is poured into new, higher quality barrels. Although this can be time-consuming, according to the brothers, it is essential for creating an optimal end product.

Creativity is certainly reflected in the blending process itself. By writing down a desired flavor profile in advance, you can search for whiskeys in their warehouse that can achieve this flavor profile. A lot of creativity is then involved in the form of experimenting with different combinations and different quantities. The creativity can also be seen in their latest whisky. With this whisky, they go beyond Scotland and create the first Turntable Blend in collaboration with the Australian Distillery Starward.

No transition without transparency. By making it clear which whiskeys have been used in which percentages in each blend, Turntbale brings a lot of transparency to the world of Blended Whiskey. By communicating in this way which whiskeys from different distilleries are used, the brothers hope to make consumers enthusiastic about Blended Whiskey. With this they want to contribute to changing the sometimes negative stigma that prevails among Blended Whiskey.

Small Batch, High Skill.

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Turntable Collabaration Drop #1: Starward
TURNTABLE WHISKY - Bittersweet Symphony

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