Bache Gabrielsen

Bache Gabrielsen

A young and ambitious Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen had no qualms about leaving his own country to come to Cognac in the Charente region. He knew this is what he had to do to fulfil his dreams : to make a name for himself with his own Cognac House.

He knew that to be recognised alongside his peers and be part of the movement offering the « King of Spirits – cognac » he had to put his own stamp on the world renowned standard of this french savoir-faire.

Strengthened by his love for Odette, they married and started a family all whilst being a passionate ambassador to cognac and its markets.

A family whom, generation after generation keeps building on the foundations of the Maison.
Our values : bold, authentic, savoir-faire. Since 1905, our Cognac House has worked tirelessly to explore the many facets of cognac in order to provide new sensory experiences, to the delight of our customers.


True & authentic

Maison Bache-Gabrielsen strives to make each cognac an ambassador to the diversity of the cognac region. By capturing the character which is typically linked to one or more vintages, one or more grape varieties, and the art of knowing when the ageing process is just right the possibilities become endless.

This is only made possible with the talent of our winegrower partners and the passion of our Cellar Master who is an expert in selecting, aging and blending the eaux-de-vie from our region.

Particular attention to distillation, to the choice of oak wood and to the humidity of our cellars are all examples of the savoir-faire that is necessary throughout the long process of creating the final blend.

Terroir cognac

Since the creation of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen, we have taken it upon ourselves to reveal all the richness and the diversity of our terroirs. A commitment that guarantees the quality of our cognacs, generous and representative of a typicity, and our Maison’s fundamental reason for being.


A busy time of year. The harvest is the result of a whole year’s work, providing great care for the vines. Jean-Philippe Bergier owns a domain of 20 hectares in the Petite Champagne cru. He has the HVE3 certification, which guarantees the highest level of commitment towards the environment.


As a trading and ageing house we call exclusively upon « bouilleurs de cru » : wine-growers that distill their own production.


The ageing: patience and length of time, to bring each cognac to its apogee. Our cellars have been purposely arranged to bring roundness to our cognacs, a characteristic touch of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen’s style.

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Producten from Bache Gabrielsen

Bache-Gabrielsen Pineau Charantes Tres Vieux
Bache-Gabrielsen Pineau Charentes Rouge
Bache-Gabrielsen Pineau Charentes Blanc
Bache-Gabrielsen 2011 | 11 Years Vintage
Bache-Gabrielsen 2001 | 21 Years Deluxe
Bache-Gabrielsen Hors D'Age
Bache-Gabrielsen Whisky Français | Single Malt 5Y
Bache-Gabrielsen VS Tre Kors
Bache-Gabrielsen VSOP Triple Cask
Bache-Gabrielsen XO Fine Champagne
Bache-Gabrielsen XO Premium
Bache-Gabrielsen Séréntiné Extra Grande Champagne
Bache-Gabrielsen American Oak
Bache-Gabrielsen 5 VSOP Organic
Bache-Gabrielsen 1999 | 22 Years Deluxe
Bache-Gabrielsen 1983 | 24 Years Deluxe
Bache-Gabrielsen 1973 | 37 Years Deluxe

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