Rest & Be Thankful Company

Rest & Be Thankful Company

Until the sale in 2012, they represented the iconic Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay. They often drove from Glasgow to catch the ferry to Islay and passed the beautiful Rest and Be Thankful on the A83.

The origin of this evocative name has always fascinated them and they learned that it came from a stone inscription made by soldiers when they completed the construction of the old military road in 1753; a road out of Glen Croe that was so long and steep that it was traditional for travelers to rest and relax at the highest point.

Hearing this, they knew there couldn't be a better name for their whiskeys and rums - they are meant to be savored and enjoyed slowly, and that "Rest & Be Thankful" feeling.


Hence their philosophy - Rest & Be Thankful - is not just the name of beautiful locations in both Scotland and Jamaica; the name evokes images of the fearless toil and striving of days gone by, and the joy and gratitude felt when the job was done. They try to harness this spirit in their Rest and Be Thankful spirits - be brave and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.


Whiskey is their first love. It's what they know, it's what they grew up with and it's pretty much everything they've been involved with throughout their working lives. But then they discovered the world of rum and an initial interest first became a passion and has now become an important part of their business.

And considering that the actual place - Rest and Be Thankful - exists in both Scotland and Jamaica, it's a great coincidence that this is the name of their brand that celebrates the best whiskeys and rums.

The small batch and single cask bottlings are always free of additives and colourants and are un-chill filtered to deliver the true identity of the aged spirit.

Producten from Rest & Be Thankful Company

REST & BE THANKFUL - Whisky Bruichladdich Maturation Wine 2004
REST & BE THANKFUL - Whisky Caol Ila Ex Bourbon
REST & BE THANKFUL - Rum SM#2 Jamaica 2015
REST & BE THANKFUL Rum Monymusk MMW 1998
REST & BE THANKFUL - Rum Monymusk MBK 1998
REST & BE THANKFUL Rum Monymusk AHJ 1998
REST & BE THANKFUL - Rum Long Pond LSO 1998
REST & BE THANKFUL - Rum Long Pond ITP 1998
REST & BE THANKFUL WHISKY - Small Batch #2 Strathenry Sherry finish 2016
REST & BE THANKFUL WHISKY - Single Cask Benrinnes Sherry Cask 2009

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