Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd

The picturesque liquor store and office of Berry Bros & Rudd has been located at No. 3 St James's Street in London for 325 years. The family business was founded in 1698 and has developed a rich history over three centuries. In addition, the company holds two Royal Warrants, which give Berry Bros & Rudd the honor of supplying the Royals in England with wine and spirits.


As an Independent Bottler, Berry Bros & Rudd has made its mark through years of offering high quality whisky and rum. Berry Bros & Rudd works with various distilleries from which they source products. This has resulted in a Classic Range of whisky, where they have selected a Sherry Single Malt and an Islay Single Malt. But there main business is the  Single Cask program where they purchase exclusive barrels from renowned distilleries, these barrels are bottled and released in limited editions on behalf of Berry Bros & Rudd.


In 1903, King George VII's doctor came into the liquor store and asked Berry Bros & Rudd for a drink for the ailing king. Berry Bros & Rudd got to work and came up with a ginger liqueur in combination with honey and lemon. The king liked this liqueur so much that Berry Bros & Rudd decided to keep this product in its range and name it after the king: King's Ginger Liqueur.

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Producten from Berry Bros & Rudd

BERRY BROS & RUDD - Irish Single Malt Whiskey
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Sherry Single Malt
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Islay Single Malt
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SB Benrinnes 2010
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Copper Rivet 2017 #244
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Wire Works 2018 #128
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Strathclyde 2005 #106488
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Benrinnes 2006 #309923
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Knockdhu 2012 #7126
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Ardmore Madeira Finish 2009 #709316
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Glen Garioch Port Finish 2011 #1329
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Dailuaine Oloroso Year of The Dragon 2012 #5052
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Blair Athol Sauternes Finish 2010 #303302
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC High Coast Peated ex-lochindaal cask 2012 #4333
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Lochindaal 2010 Cask #4339
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Nordic Rel.Stauning 2017
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC The Pioneers #1 Westland
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC The Pioneers #1 Shortcross
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC The Pioneers #1 The Oxford Artisan Distillery
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC The Pioneers #1 Glenwyvis
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC The Pioneers #1 Agitator
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC The Pioneers #1 Belgrove
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Benriach 1991 cask #46507
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Ten Cane Rum 2012 #20
BERRY BROS & RUDD - SC Guyana Rum 2013
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Guatemala rum
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Nicaragua rum
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Barbados rum
BERRY BROS & RUDD - Jamaica rum

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